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Lua Bingo

Lua Bingo – Bingo online free

Lua Bingo is a 75 and 90 balls game for your Android. Play online with your facebook friends or play offline with Lua and its friends. Travel around the world visiting famous cities such as Barcelona, Paris, New York, Roma, Sydney, Berlin, Beijing, London, Bangkok or Rio de Janeiro, and more coming soon. Use the boosters to increase your chances of claiming bingos and winning credits. Raise your game level, get objectives, complete collections and win extra prizes. Get it now for free!

✔ It’s free to play!
✔ Bingo 75 and 90!
✔ Play online with your facebook friends.
✔ Play offline without Internet connection with Lua & friends, meet all cats!
✔ FREE tickets for you every day!
✔ Travel all around the world and play in 10 different rooms.
✔ Collect items on every city.
✔ Chat with your friends playing bingo.
✔ Play from Facebook or your Android device.

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Download it completely FREE and have fun playing with Lua or your friends on your mobile phone, tablet and browser!


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Owl Smasher

The Owl Smasher is an easy, very funny and entertaining puzzle. It´s a free game, consisting in moving the owls to the correct order to clear them. The owls con be moved to the square next to them.

The game has three funny styles:
– 20 moves: Enjoy playing only with 20 moves.
– 60 seconds: Resolve the puzzle in 60 seconds.
– 120 seconds: Resolve the puzzle in 120 seconds.


Save my toys


Save my toys is a game where gravity is your opponent! Sort all the toys without touching the ground, overcome all levels.

+50 Levels where you must use your wits.




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